Of the many social and ecological goals that we would like to achieve with our company, we are pursuing one in particular - to draw attention to endometriosis and to make the disease the focus of public discourse.

You don't know what endometriosis is exactly? Then read the following section carefully to support affected people and to create #EndoAwareness

What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a chronic disease in which inflammations and benign cysts appear in the abdomen. The most common consequences are chronic inflammation, severe, chronic abdominal pain (especially during menstruation) and often infertility. Endometriosis inflammations - although benign - can metastasize and cause permanent damage to organs.


Approximately10 to 20 percent (high dark figure) of people with an uterus between 15 and 50 years suffer from endometriosis. Endometriosis is therefore the second leading gynecological disease. Despite the high number of people affected and the serious effects, the disease is little noticed by society

Why do we want to attract attention? 

So far, there is no cure for Endometriosis. Conventional medicine tries to get the symptoms under control with different forms of therapy - but the underlying causes are not fought. The problem lies here: Although so many people suffer from endometriosis, the disease has not yet been sufficiently researched. Sylvia Mechsner, the endometriosis specialist at the Charité in Berlin, is convinced that much more would have happened in this area if cis men had been affected by the disease. This is also due to the fact that menstruation is still a taboo topic today.


What can you do?


Endometriosis needs greater attention through early education. 

So you can already contribute a large part if you educate yourself about endometriosis and then educate others. On the website of the Endometriosis Association Germany e.V. you will find a lot of helpful information.

We also need to talk more openly about menstruation, without shame. Because as long as the menstrual cycle is a taboo subject, the disease endometriosis will not be considered.


The disease needs more resources in research.

If you can afford it, your donation would be a great help for endometriosis research. You can donate to various charitable foundations that are dedicated to researching into the disease. We also donate part of our profits to the Endometriosis center of the Charité - University Medicine Berlin (more about it here).


Endometriosis needsgreater attention in media and literature.


Especially through media & literature, a greater awareness of the disease can be created - both in the general society and among doctors.

You too can easily share information about endometriosis via your social media accounts - especially there, many different people can be reached at once. Here are a few great personalities and accounts that draw attention to endometriosis and periods via Instagram: @anna.wilken @endomindset @kennyethanjones @endostrong @thepelvicexpert


 What do we do?


We have set ourselves the goal of supporting endometriosis research. Therefore we donate 10% of the profits of our necklace 'Anna' (named after our founder) to the Endometriosis Research Department of the Berlin Charité, headed by Prof. Dr. med. Sylvia Mechsner. Since this necklace represents a woman's body, we found it particularly suitable for drawing attention to endometriosis as cis women are the majority of affected people. However, it needs to be mentioned that transmen and non-binary people also suffer from the disease!

"I associate the necklace with gratitude and strength. It reminds me that we should value our body, because it does so much for us - regardless of what it looks like. Although we can also love our body for that. But above all, I love my body for the fact that it pulls itself together again and again despite strong pain and does not let me down." - Anna Specht, founder of RABÉL

Of course, we will also use our website and our social media channels to draw attention to the topic of endometriosis and break the taboo on menstruation. Under the hashtag #rabelagainstendo you will find our posts on the topic of endometriosis.



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