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Our vision

Our vision? A fashion industry that is sustainable, fair and inclusive is! Our mission? A handbag that shows that luxury and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. In order to achieve this goal, we are always on the lookout for the latest innovative materials that meet both requirements. Our NOVA handbag is just the beginning.

Sustainability is always the center of our actions

Sustainability is an elusive term. Many companies use it in a very inflationary way. We want to be careful with it because we believe that it doesn't make sense to abuse sustainability as a marketing tool. After all, this will not solve the problems of our planet. We want to exemplify sustainability. Don't get us wrong - we don't want to lie to you. The most sustainable is still not to consume. But we know that this is not an alternative for many people. After all, we are people with feelings, experiences, goals, hopes but also needs. Since we know that for many people it is not an option to give up all consumption at once, we wanted to create a product with the smallest possible ecological footprint. That is why we created NOVA. Our handbag made of vegan cactus leather.

The advantages of cactus leather

We consciously use a vegan alternative for our handbags. Not because it's cheaper. Much more, because we see it as the only way to be sustainable. Cacti are an excellent substitute for animal and synthetic leather. We only need very little water for leather production. Cacti use 80% less water than comparable crops. Because they are so efficient, we don't have to irrigate artificially, but let nature do the rest. This saves resources and saves the environment.

In addition, cacti are very robust plants. Not only do they withstand heat and cold equally, they also have hardly any natural predators. This enables us grow the cacti without any pesticides in production. After all, it is not just what we do that is sustainable, but above all what we don't do.

Another advantage: manufacture the leather is CO2 negative because the plants absorb more CO2 during their growth than is released during the production of the leather. This enables us to produce in a way that is extremely resource-efficient.

In addition, no toxic chemicals are used in the production which is not the case in the production of animal or synthetic leather.

The final result? An alternative that is in par with real leather!

We did a lot of surveys. The reactions were always the same. From amazement that there are alternatives like cactus leather to the shock that it feels like animal leather. Cactus leather is in no way inferior to animal leather in terms of its feel, appearance and quality. In the end, no animal is harmed, production is extremely resource-saving and the ecological footprint is kept as small as possible.

Sustainability doesn't stop with the manufacture of the leather.
It is only just beginning!

Sustainability doesn't stop with the manufacture of the leather. Rather it starts with it. Acting sustainably also means creating products that are as durable as possible. And that is only possible if the product meets high quality requirements. This is only, if the people who create the products are not exploited, but are paid fairly. That is why we have teamed up with an Italian manufacturer that is characterized by its experience and cooperation with the major international fashion brands. This not only underscores our perfectionist claim with regard to the quality of the bag - we can also guarantee a long service life and, above all, fair and humane working conditions. Because that is what NOVA stands for - a future that from the customer to the sewing worker: everyone takes into account and appreciates it.

Did we meet our requirements?

For us, sustainability means above all that we use our resources as sparingly as possible. That is why we consciously refrain from using any animal materials and are always looking for the most innovative sustainable alternatives. So does that mean we sit back? No, because our benchmark is clear: a product that does not leave an ecological footprint. Cactus leather is a beginning but the future is exciting. Nature is fascinating and we humans are creative. So who knows what the future will bring!

Our team

We are Anna, Rabel and Celine. Together we have made it our mission to develop our vision of an environmentally consciousfair and making the inclusive fashion industry a reality. Not alone, but much more with you!

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