Change the industry, not yourself

Everyone is talking about Diversity. There is hardly a company today that can afford not to be "diverse" in some way. Many companies dare to move forward by showing a few models with dark skin every now and then, only to pat themselves on the back and say:
"We are diverse".
That's what makes it so dangerous. After all, diversity is not simply a marketing tool that you use to promote your products. And it is certainly not a trend. This would just ignore the underlying problems: Why are thin people with predominantly light skin still today's beauty standard? Why is body hair on women still not accepted? Why are small blemishes such as pimples and birthmarks still being retouched with image editing tools?
The fact that something is slowly changing in the beauty industry for marketing reasons is progress on one hand. On the other hand, it only brings us progress to a limited extent, because it doesn't change anything about the underlying problem. Unfortunately, diversity is rarely lived. Little in our society, even less in companies.
Some may say that we don't even need to talk about "diversity" because everyone is equal and it should therefore be a standard practice to depict and live diversity. However, we have not yet reached this point. And as long as people are discriminated against because of their origin, skin colour, religion, sexuality or appearance, we have to talk about diversity intensively.
Our company was founded by people who have personally experienced such problems. They know exactly how it feels not to find a foundation that matches your dark but no less beautiful skin colour. People who know exactly what it feels like to want to apply for a shooting, but suspecting beforehand that they don't stand a chance because their figure doesn't meet the required "standard". And founders who know exactly what it means to want to post a beautiful picture of yourself, but fearing to be judged because of a small pimple on your forehead.
Thats's where we want to make a change. According to our understanding beauty lies in the fact that every human being is valued as he is - that's why the beauty industry has to change, not you!  For this reason, we make sure that neither body nor face are edited - only the background is retouched to remove stains and protruding hair.

But we would like to go much further and draw attention to other important topics. For example, we are going to support the LGBTQ+ community in future collections and emphasize barrier-free accessibility. These topics are also part of our diverse society. And as such, they are also part of our company. So stay tuned to stay up to date!
Together we are changing the beauty industry


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